1083 Rangeview Road
Mississauga • ON • L5E 1H2
Phone: 905-278-KAMP (5267)
Toll Free: 1-855-225-PAWS (7297)
Fax: 905-278-5268

Seminars & Events

Seminars Events for Dogs


Come join us for one or more of our seminars to increase your knowledge of:

  • How to read your dog’s signs/What your dog is trying to tell you
  • How to help your dog understand what it is you’re trying to say
  • What kind of dog is the best kind to pick for you and your family
  • What will happen to your dog if something should happen to you
  • What to look for or how to find a good boarding facility, daycare centre, groomer & trainer
  • Water and Fire Safety for your dog
  • First Aid for your dog

We will provide reasonably priced seminars to help you find out the answers to these questions and more.  Stay tuned to the website for updates.


How much fun can one place be? 

We organize on-going entertainment for the whole family centred around the furriest member (we hope it's the dog) of your family.

Come and see Santa at Christmas-time and have Fido or Fifi’s picture taken with the jolly old elf.  Take the little gift bag home with decadent doggy delights.

At "Howloween", let’s show off those cool costumes – both four-legged and two-legged (if you have one) and find out who’s dog gets voted best costume, scariest costume, cutest costume, owner/dog duo, etc. Don’t forget those Howloweenie treats to take home for later.

Easter, Thanksgiving, St. Patrick’s, Valentines – all the holidays are so much more fun when your dog is a part of the plan.

Other events include:

  • Anniversary Celebrations
  • Customer, Staff, and Volunteer Appreciation
  • Fundraising for Registered Canine Charities (ie The Farley Foundation)
  • Humane Society Adoptathons
  • Therapy Dog Awareness Days
  • Agility Try-It-Out Days
  • Walkabouts around the Waterfront Trail, Marina and Parks directly south of our centre
  • Dog Breed specific parties such as:  All Labs Day, Pugalug, Bulldog Snort-a-thon, Jack Russell Hyperbowl and many more...

Dates, time and details are announced in our News section. Oh what fun! Woof. Woof.


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What They Said...

Kamp K-9 was recommended by friends at Jack Darling Leash Free Park and we've used them for training and boarding since they opened. We have 3 rescued, very energetic huskies and 1 old lab. We're proud to say that the 2 youngest huskies gradua...

Jim B & Jane M
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Many alternative therapies have been found to assist humans lead a more stress-free and pain-free lifestyle. Some of these therapies have now been modified to allow our pets to enjoy the same kind of stress-free... Read more

U-DO-IT Wash Stations

U-DO-IT Wash Stations

Keep your own tub or sink scratch-free. Come and use our tubs, shampoos, conditioners, dryers, grooming aids (combs, brushes, etc) and bond even more with your furry companion. We also provide natural aromatherapy sprays to... Read more



Kamp K-9 offers various programs through Canine Rainbow (with Livia DiGiovanni and Dusan Jovanovic) and Sean Kent. Training helps your dog stay balanced by having lots of exercise and fun while, at the same time,... Read more

TAXI KAB Service - Coming Soon!

TAXI KAB Service - Coming Soon!

Coming Soon! Kamp K-9’s Taxi Kab Service is a convenient service that is available for those families whose lives are really hectic (who's isn't); or for families that don’t own a car or maybe even those people... Read more

Reiki Therapy for Dogs

Reiki Therapy for Dogs

A Japanese hands-on healing art using the healing energy from the Reiki Master’s own hands to help restore balance, peace and harmony to the four-legged patient.  Once your pet becomes comfortable with the Reiki Master,... Read more

Play Sessions

Play Sessions

Kamp K-9 offers fun, energetic play sessions to help quench your dog’s thirst for exercise and play. Open Play Sessions (for dogs of all sizes) take place all day and until 9:30 pm. Please note,... Read more

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November News and Upcoming Events at Kamp K-9

Sticks & Bones - November 2017 Disney at Kamp K-9 In September, Disney (yes... that Disney) videoed a commercial at Kamp K-9 that involved (no surprise) dogs! It was an exciting time for Top Dog, Sue Quinn and her "Krew" and everyone was tickled pink to be a part of the Disney... Read more

No No Fido! Do's and Don'ts for the Holidays

Show Rocky and Adrienne how much you care this holiday season with these Do's and Don'ts: The Do's: Humans aren't the only ones that get stressed during the holidays. A change in routine can be disconcerting for your BFF (best furry friend) too! Bring Barney and Betty to Kamp K-9 for Daycare. ... Read more

Charlie Can Chill Out at Kamp K-9!

Thanksgiving Preparations Can Be Confusing for Bambie and Bandit. We know your furry pals would love to be with you every minute of every day, but sometimes it just doesn't work. If Banjo doesn't like the organized kitchen chaos or you want to come home after shopping to a BFF (best... Read more

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Canada's Guide to Dog Vaccines

In recent years, concerns have been raised about immune-mediated disease following vaccinations. However, there is still significant scientific controversy regarding the data available. While there is no doubt that annual vaccinations have helped eradicate the incidence of once common viral diseases such as canine distemper, hepatitis, and canine parvovirus, many... Read more

Heartworm Disease In Dogs

Protecting your pets from Heartworm disease in Ontario (Ontario Veterinary Medical Association) Heartworm is a serious and potentially fatal condition caused by parasitic worms that live in the heart, and blood vessels that supply blood to the lungs of infected animals. Pets can contract heartworm disease from mosquitoes that are infected with... Read more

Recommended Dog Vaccinations

Distemper, Adenovirus, Leptospirosis, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus, Corona virus, Bordetella, Lyme Disease, Giardia, and RabiesVaccinations are imperative to the health of your dog. I've outlined different dog vaccinations and puppy vaccinations that might be recommended by your veterinarian.Vaccinations are what keep your dog from getting sick; your veterinarian will let you know... Read more

The Farley Foundation

Established by the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA) in 2002, the Farley Foundation (a registered charity) assists people (disabled, seniors, etc) in need by subsidizing the cost of veterinary care for the pets that mean the world to them. The Farley Foundation is generously administered by OVMA. Donations from the veterinary... Read more