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TAXI KAB Service - Coming Soon!

Dog Taxi Kab Services

Coming Soon! Kamp K-9’s Taxi Kab Service is a convenient service that is available for those families whose lives are really hectic (who's isn't); or for families that don’t own a car or maybe even those people running late getting to work or coming home who would like the convenience of a pick-up or a drop-off service for their dog.

Pick-up times would range between the hours of 7:00 am til approximately 9:30 am (depending on the number of dogs and route that needs to be driven which will be different daily) and drop-offs in the evenings from 3:30 pm til approximately 6:00 pm.

The cost is reasonable and the service can be used for either a one way trip (just pick-up or just drop-off) or can be used for a return trip (both pick-up and drop off on the same day). 

We hope this service will help alleviate any stress for you if and when you may require it to make your life that little bit simpler.

Taxi Kab Service Rates: $10.00 one way and $20.00 return

To and From Daycare and/or Boarding only at this time.
Please call for further details and service area.

Please follow this link to apply for this service.  If you have already registered, just give us a call to book a ride (preferably 24 hours in advance).

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