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Kamp K-9 Client Testimonials

Your feedback is important to us. Please complete the form below and submit your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

I just found the GREATEST doggie day care and boarding kennel - ever. I took my dog there for a quick wash and took a tour. It's fantastic. I was really worried about boarding my fur baby when I go on vacation - which I've been putting off because of him - and now my worries are over. This place is chill and best of all, there is always someone there, all night every night. Scupper was very happy to wander around. No fear whatsoever. Sue is obviously a dog whisperer.
Sandra Poole
Scupper/Jack Shih-tsu cross, Mississauga
Hi Sue just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for the recommendation. My parents and brother are beyond thrilled with Dusan and Livia, your trainers! Their boys are so much happier too! Im sure you have probably seen their monster hyena dogs at the daycare for classes lol. They love the facilities.
Paula GR
We have attended two x 6 week classes for our dog "Tessa" ("Basic Obedience and Reliable Recall") and the experience is simply fantastic!
The training offered by the caring and knowledgeable instructors (Livia & Dusan) is simply first-rate and our dog is now extremely attentive and well trained.
I highly recommend Canine Rainbow for any of your dog's training and/or obedience requirements!
Clayton & Giselle Jucke
Tessa - Australian Labradoodle, Mississauga
We've been coming to Kamp K-9 since 2013 and consider this place Doc's home away from home when we leave Doc here during our travels. We leave with a sense of peace of mind knowing that Sue and her Staff will tend to Doc as if he was one of their own family members. We highly recommend Kamp K-9. Mary & Doc
Mary Maida
Doc - Cockapoo, Mississauga
We have been to numerous Pet Facilities and NONE have compared to Kamp K-9. Sue Quinn has a true love of her job and her guests that stay at Kamp K-9. My two Siberians have a great time playing and learning from Sue and her staff at all times while boarding . I am completely at ease leaving my "boyz" here as I know they are well cared for and they do so much more than just lay around in a kennel room while staying for any length of time. My "boyz" actually pull to get into the front door and get released into so many different play and run areas. My hat is off to such a wonderful and warm place that my "boyz" look forward to, for fun and games. Thanks to Sue and her Staff for such a fantastic establishment.

Steve and June
Stephen Currie
CONNOR and KODI, Siberian Huskies, Mississauga
Hobo absolutely loves it there! The staff are super friendly and very caring - would never take my dog anywhere else! :)
Anna Phillips
Hobo - Husky X, Mississauga
Our lovely, hyper, never slows down Lab Ellie came home from her first day of daycare and is exhausted. Have you ever heard of a Lab falling asleep while eating? We all know a tired puppy is a good puppy and she's been an angel. Your place is exceptionally clean, your staff are all pleasant, cheerful and helpful. You've got a new customer for life. Thank you so much Sue.

27 February 2016 ·
Gwen Marie G.
Ellie - Lab, Mississauga
Sue Quinn has the most amazing dog facility in the GTA. She offers training classes, dog grooming, boarding and daycare. I took my dog Joy to agility classes and we both had a blast. The trainers were so effective that Joy had learned the basics within 30 minutes and excelled in the class. I highly recommend you take your dog(s) to Kamp K-9 run by Sue Quinn and her amazing staff.
Jennifer B.
Joy, Mississauga
Sue and everyone are amazing! We took Levi to KAmp for play dates to help burn off his puppy energy. He came home happy and exhausted! He goes for weekends every few weeks to give us a break and we know he is happy and well cared for. Kamp K9 is not really close to where we live but it's worth the trip! Thanks Sue!
Sherry and Brent Lowe-Bernie
LEVI - labrador retriever, Toronto
I don't know what you and your furry assistants, Kahlua & Bailey, did during our in-house training and assessment yesterday with Luca & Angel! They have not been the same since:) They walk around the house together, without always having to go crazy and playfight- they laze in the backyard together like a team. Even when they are playing they stop and relax together-it is like they fell in love with each other, it is music to our ears! You have some serious talent, Sue, and we are SO SUPER BLESSED to have found you - and grateful!

Diane L
Sheltie X & Husky/Shep X, Oakville
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