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Kamp K-9 Client Testimonials

Your feedback is important to us. Please complete the form below and submit your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

Sue was the driver for Doggie Central a few years back and was the most kind and loving person to the dogs and the dogs owners! Our Eddie and Stella passed away and she was so thoughtful and came over with a little something for us to let us know she cared and was sad too... I always had a feeling of comfort when she was in charge of bringing the dogs home. Heard about this new adventure and told my son about taking his dogs there...he did and was very pleased with everything..said it was spotless, caring staff, his dogs took to Sue immediately..especially Audrey! It made him feel so much better about going away knowing his dogs were going to be happy and well taken care of! All the best to you Sue..so glad your business is going so well! Catherine Pilon .. Audrey and Jimis Nana!!!
Catherine Pilon
Audrey and Jimi, Mississauga
Charlie stayed at Kamp K-9 for one week when we went away. We felt totally confident when we left that Charlie would be well cared for and would be having lots of fun. She loved her stay with you and had lots of exercise time and lots of play time. She loved the staff and I know that you took really good care of her.
It's great to have a place like yours that our dog loves to go to and we have already booked her in again for another visit
Nice to leave her and not worry at all that she will be well taken care of.
Staff is amazing.
Sue murphy
Charlie Boxer rottie
Kamp K-9 was recommended by friends at Jack Darling Leash Free Park and we've used them for training and boarding since they opened. We have 3 rescued, very energetic huskies and 1 old lab. We're proud to say that the 2 youngest huskies graduated from puppy training and have diplomas to prove it. They were taken through the steps in dog training in groups and it was very useful. The location is close and so handy for doggie day-care or overnights. Would highly recommend them. They care!!
Jim B & Jane M
Akira, Kamous & Jean-Siberian Huskies, Mississauga
Alfie & Pennie passed out like nobody's business yesterday; they were wiped by dinner time! I think it's exactly the type of activity they need, and I feel that being around other dogs in a quality, caring environment that you've provided makes a very big difference. I'm happy to see that they are enjoying it so much and that you guys are taking such good care of them!
M&A P.
Alfie & Pennie - Miniature Poodles, Mississauga, Ont.
Thanks for the sending us the pics of Ellie. You were so good to her and we can't thank u enough. I sent your card to my brother as he resides in Mississauga and could use your services. You are amazing with the dogs and you have a great facility. We are in Seattle for only a few years and when we come back to Toronto we will use you again. The drive to get to you is way worth it. We will send all our dog lover friends your way. Thanks so much.
Scott & Leslie G.
Ellie - Bichon Frise, Seattle, Washington, USA
Sue Quinn is without question -"Leader of the Pack" at Kamp K-9!! She has the amazing ability for understanding the stresses that our pets encounter growing up and living in the City.

We met Sue back in October, when we were at our wits end trying to figure out our little 5 month old Bouvier. He is our 5th Bouvier and definitely the most stubborn. Walking was such a difficult task with him, he would either bolt, refuse to walk or attack other dogs walking by.

We did have a couple other trainers that worked with him but none were successful in gaining Jagger's confidence. A good friend, Bill Nichol, mentioned Sue and how wonderful she is with all the dogs going to her new place. We decided to give her a try and have never looked back. Jagger is a well behaved "Young Man" thanks to Sue and her great staff

Thanks Sue!!
Marv & Barb Fedoriw
Jagger - Bouvier, Mississauga
We boarded our two cockapoos with Sue at Kamp K-9 for a 3 week period this past October and couldn't be more pleased with her and the facility. Both Maggie and Riley appeared to have thoroughly enjoyed their stay and the care and training that they received while there was exemplary! We have boarded these dogs before, but never have they had the great care and love that they received while under Sue and her excellent staff

Kamp K-9 will always be Maggie and Riley's "home away from home".

Liz, Sandy & the Furballs
Liz Stonehouse
Maggie & Riley / Cockapoos, Etobicoke
Sue was originally a client of mine; however, the tables sure have changed as I will forever be a client of hers! It has been a true pleasure working with Sue to secure the future home of Kamp K-9 and see her dreams come to fruition. My 5 year old chocolate lab Murphy and I have come to consider Sue family and there is never an ounce of worry on my behalf when I drop Murphy off as I know she is in great hands and let’s face it….also on vacation! I would not hesitate to recommend Sue and Kamp K-9 to anyone who asked and you mark my words, this will only be the beginning of Sue and Kamp K-9!
Amanda B and Murphy
Working with Sue Quinn has been one of the best things I could have done for my five year old German Shepherd/Border Collie cross, Gemma. Gemma has a lot of spunk that sometimes turned into aggression towards other dogs. Gemma was so strong that she would sometimes knock me off my feet. Gemma had been trained elsewhere and would do most things for a treat, but walking nicely was an issue. Sue was able to spend time training Gemma to walk loose leash and introduce her to sights and sounds that she does not see when I get home from work. Within a matter of weeks, I was beginning to enjoy my walks with Gemma because now she doesn’t pull and I am not afraid of falling any more. We are working on meeting other dogs and making great progress. Thanks to Sue and the techniques she taught us, Gemma walks by my side and listens to my commands, which is big progress because nothing else worked before Sue started working with us. I highly recommend Sue to anyone. She worked miracles for me.
Lorraine C. and Gemma
I have known Sue for several years: firstly, in her previous employment at Doggie Central; and more recently as a “dog walker” for my chocolate Lab, “Basil”. Sue is dependable, honest, conscientious and most certainly has a way with animals. When Basil sees her, he literally does cartwheels. More importantly, Sue goes “beyond the call of duty”. As Basil suffers from frequent ear infections, Sue always checks his ears and, if need be, helps me administer the medication. She also grooms him and trims his nails. Because of her innate sense with dogs, I refer to her as the female version of “The Dog Whisperer”. I have no hesitation in recommending Sue as an animal care giver and anxiously await the opening of her new facility, Kamp K-9, where Basil can enjoy an entire day making and playing with new friends, and know he will be well cared for.
Rena B. and Basil
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